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Does Justin have an ig account?

No, he doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Jen and Justin leaving the “Life of Crime” premiere yesterday (August 27).

Jen and Justin leaving the “Life of Crime” premiere yesterday (August 27).

Jennifer Aniston Responds to the Big Marriage Question

“Extra” special correspondent Rob Estes sat down with Jennifer Aniston to talk about her new film, “Life of Crime,” and she also answered the question on everyone’s mind: When will she and fiancé Justin Theroux get married?

Aniston laughed, “I don’t know!”

Jen was also quick to shut down recent tabloid rumors, telling Rob “I’m not pregnant!” She recently told ”Today’s” Carson Daly, My “value as a woman” isn’t measured by motherhood.

While she won’t reveal details of her wedding plans, she did talk about the institution of marriage. “I just think you live in the moment, you’re with someone, I think you learn as you get older, too… marriage is a wonderful thing, a relationship is a wonderful thing; it’s a way to discover who you are.”

Theroux recently poured ice water over her head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Aniston exclaimed, “See, that’s all of who he is! He’s got a mean streak… mine went a long time!” 

Estes added that Justin then kissed her on the head. She nodded, “That’s the thing you get — the yin with the yang, the good with the bad.”


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Did anyone notice Jen and Justin in the farewell to Chelsea Lately on E! ? They were in the group in the end singing with everyone.

Yes, here’s the link (X) Sorry I forgot to post it.

“Justin’s a really good man and I feel very comfortable and happy [with him]. Things feel easier in my life now and and I’m anxious to do more travelling and not work as much.”
- Jen Aniston talking about being happy with Justin to Hello magazine. (via lovingjenaniston)

Jen and Justin featuring “being cute and hand holding